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Identity Theft in Greenville and Spartanburg, SC

Safeguard Your Livelihood

When someone breaks into your home or hits your car, the results are usually immediate and obvious. But when someone steals your identity or compromises your online accounts, disaster can strike right under your nose and come with disastrous consequences. It can take days or even weeks to realize that your information has been compromised, and by then, you could already be in heavy financial trouble.

Identity theft insurance can help cover you in case someone manages to steal your identity. Kendall and Associates Insurance Agency will work with you to assess your risk and protect your livelihood with a reliable and comprehensive identity theft insurance policy.

Credit card fraud, loans taken out in your name, stolen bank accounts and bogus insurance policies are all possible means to compromise your identity. As the world has grown increasingly digital, this problem has increased in scope. Identity theft can happen through physical circumstances (such as losing your wallet) as easily as it can through seemingly innocent Internet browsing (such shopping on a malicious site and giving key personal details to the wrong people). More and more identity thefts occur each year through online venues. Major data breaches of businesses and digital databases are also sources of concern.

Protect Yourself from the Unseen

Identity theft crimes can have long-term ramifications, scarring your credit rating and creating years of financial headaches. Such scenarios are exactly what we strive to prevent. Kendall and Associates Insurance Agency offers comprehensive identity theft protection to keep you empowered in an uncertain world. Forms of protection include reimbursing you for your fraudulent charges, credit alerts and credit monitoring.

It can even cover you for legal fees in case a lawsuit is involved. Expenses covered may include:

  • Attorney Fees
  • Costs of Certified Mail
  • Loan Re-Application Fees
  • Costs of Long-Distance Phone Calls
  • Reimbursement for Lost Income
  • Costs of Executing Affidavits

Providing Identity Theft Insurance Across South Carolina

Identity theft insurance is often tied to home insurance or renters insurance as an "endorsement" to a currently existing policy, but it's an important form of insurance on its own. Get in touch with an agent at Kendall and Associates Insurance Agency to discuss what kind of identity theft insurance may be right for you.